Tell Us About Your Loved One That Died?

Our heart is to create a community where we can share about our loved ones and keep their memory alive. We know it’s important to keep talking and sharing.  We’d love to hear about your dear loved ones.

Post this memorial tribute on Facebook and tag us by typing “@WeatheredRaindrop” in your post.

You can also email your tribute to:

Or Mail a paper copy to:

Weathered Raindrop
Attn: Angela Rambo
1433 Cernohouse, L
New Richmond, WI 54017

We may even feature your tribute in a future email newsletter. (With your
permission) Please don’t feel you have to answer each question, this is meant to help you share. Share what you feel comfortable with. If you are sending a paper copy, add extra pages if you need more room for your responses.

Wishing You Comfort Through the Storm.

Thank you for your bravery in sharing. When you share your journey with others, you give them a gift in knowing they are not alone. Your openness frees others to share. It is in the sharing and talking that our hearts and minds process and heal. Let’s invite others to bring their stories into the light.

~Your Weathered Raindrop Family

Click Here for the Memorial Tribute PDF File