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Our Mission

Who We Are

Through the Ups and Downs

When life is filled with blessings and heartache, all we can do is keep pressing forward, making sure to cherish each special moment. Whether you have lost a loved one or someone close to you is struggling with grief, we believe in helping everyone find meaningful peace and comfort through both the visual and audible beauty of these hand crafted wind chimes.

Lasting Gifts in Remembrance

In order to push forward through the journey of loss, we must find the drive to continue living life to the fullest, while still holding a special place in our hearts for those we have lost. That is the reason why we’ve created wind chimes and keepsake urns to help keep your loved ones memory close.  A tangible reminder, no matter what storm or sunny weather, a gentle breeze or howling gales, our wind chimes provide peace and comfort to those struggling with loss.

We’re Here for You

Our team at Weathered Raindrop are experienced warriors of loss.  Our 8 employees include mothers, grandmothers, grandfathers and dads who have all lost children.  Miscarriage, stillbirth, toddlers, school aged children and as older adults. Our journeys although different, carry one bond, our hearts ache for one more moment with our children.  While we cannot bring our loved ones back, we can honor the beauty of them and their memory knowing we will be with them again in Heaven.  Helping to create these memorials for others, come with great honor.  We invite you to browse our collection today. With several customization options and a variety of styles, we’re sure you’ll find the right wind chime or keepsake for your needs. 

Sending all of our love to you during your times of both rain and sunshine.

Rachel Fitzgerald - Owner

Joan Prescott - Senior Production and Payroll Manager

Dick Prescott - Chief Operator

Danielle Kruschke - Senior Production and Communications Manager

Lisa Frank - Production Fulfillment Specialist and Content Writer