Business Bereavement Program

Business Bereavement Made Simple

Bereavement is one of the most crucial experiences you will interact with your employees or clients on. They will remember how you made them feel as they journeyed through loss, the kindness and compassion you showed amid their devastation. Sending flowers seems like the right thing to do, but with so many flower arrangements sent, the employee rarely realizes who they were even from.Ā  These are the true moments that will be important in lasting positive employee relationships and retention.


With our full service bereavement gift giving program we create and customize a unique wind chime gift that will bring comfort to the family and appreciation to your facility or business, for years to come.

We work with Hospitals, Hospice Centers, Nursing Homes, Long Term Care Facilities and Churches as well as Large and Small Businesses.

Once the order is received, your gift will arrive within 3-4 business days.


We Make The Process Simple!

Your facility will be given a link to a custom prefilled form to submit directly to us after a loss.

We do the rest.Ā 

The wind chime will be engraved and gift wrapped with a personalized gift note from your company.
Your gift will arrive to your client's home,
their families' home, or directly to a funeral home, within 4 business days.
An invoice will be sent every 30 days with easy net30 terms.
Your employee will be blown away by the thought your company put into such a lasting meaningful gift. It's not what you give, it's how you make someone feel, that is truly important, we make that connection happen.

Save 22% with our Bereavement Program
No upfront costs and billed every 30 days.

"Thank you again for making this process so easy and for allowing us to send these sweet gifts to our resident's family members! The cards and phone calls we receiveĀ from families after receivingĀ their custom wind chime have been so heartwarming, we never receivedĀ this response with the flowers"
-Arrow Senior Living Facility


For more information email us at: Rachel@WeatheredRaindrop.comĀ  or call 715-690-9119

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