Meet the Founder of Weathered Raindrop-Memorial Gift Shop

My Journey
2008- Welcomed our son Collin
2011- Our infant daughter Zaylee died unexpectedly at 38 weeks gestation, 9 months later I was pregnant again.
2012- Welcomed our son Zane
2012- 6 months later our son Collin died at 4 1/2 years old, he was accidentally hit by a truck in our driveway, his daddy, my husband, was the driver.
2013- 2 miscarriages
2014- After a very difficult adoption process but along side our amazing brave birth mother, we welcomed our adopted infant daughter Zaylin.
2015- Later that same year we became pregnant, God gave us twins, Ole and Syndra...we got good at expecting the unexpected.
2016- Continue to journey, knowing God had an exact purpose for all of our children's lives and deaths. Is this life still painful for us? You bet it is, there are still days I shake my fist in the air and yell out at God for making my family go through this. I have hated this journey and at the same time so many blessings have come through it. My grieving has not always been graceful, my husband and I have had to see each other at our very worst, for a long time. Our family is built on that perseverance and our love now only grows.
I don't know why I was picked for this life, why my husband was put through so much trauma, but I know my children are in Heaven, I deeply embrace the ones still here and look forward to all being together again when He calls us Home. I hope my items bring the hearts you are supporting the comfort they have provided me. 

Rachel Fitzgerald