Sympathy Gift Ideas for Grieving Kids

By Rachel Fitzgerald

Tender Hearts Need Tender Care

Going through the loss of a loved one or a friend is difficult enough when you are an adult, but when that pain or grief is being experienced by a child, it can be truly heartbreaking. It may be the first time that a child has experienced something as painful as the reality of death, and they will be seeking comfort, guidance, and reassurance that they are not alone. If there is a child in your life that you believe would benefit from receiving a sympathy gift, then Weathered Raindrop would like to provide you with some ideas for how to show them you care. 

Personalized Wind Chimes

Wind chimes provide a sense of peace, comfort, and gentleness that grieving people, not just children, are often desperate for. Personalizing a wind chime that reflects the personality of the child or the person or pet that has been lost can mean so much to that child. Consider personalizing a chime with a saying or phrase that was often shared between the child and the one being grieved, or a comforting phrase like “I Will Always Love You” or “Forever Watching Over You.” Something so simple can be incredibly meaningful to a child whose heart is aching.

The type of chime that you choose should also reflect the personality of the child. In many cases, kids are drawn to smaller, brighter sounding chimes. This may be exactly what child needs to feel comforted and safe, and to be able to enjoy something associated with the person or pet they are remembering, rather than only associating those memories with pain or grief. 

Personalized Sun Catchers

Sun catchers can be a unique alternative to a sympathy wind chime. Sun catchers come in a variety of bright colors, which children can find especially captivating and meaningful. In addition to being an alternative to wind chimes, these can be displayed indoors as well as outdoors. Imagine placing a beautiful, personalized sun catcher with bright colors in your child’s window, where the sun can bounce and dance around their room in fun colors! This can be a way to help your child remember the fun, wonderful things about the person or animal that they are missing. While they will have to naturally process their grief, you can help a child by providing them with something fun and lovely. 

Our sun catchers at Weathered Raindrop are also able to be completely personalized. You could write the person’s name and a date or a short phrase, and it can serve as a gentle reminder and memorial that is also able to bring a sense of peace and joy in memory. 

Urn Pendants

You may have to determine the appropriateness of this particular option for your child, but it could be especially meaningful for the loss of a pet. Weathered Raindrop proudly crafts cremation urn pendants in our own shop. Each pendant is unique to itself, since they are individually crafted, and are fully personalizable, with room for a name. Having a keepsake to store a small amount of a lost pet’s ashes or a lock of hair that they can keep near their person could be incredibly special. A pendant is literally kept close to the heart. Again, you may need to be discerning about the age and appropriateness for this gift idea. If you have any questions about this item, please feel free to contact us!

Weathered Raindrop Is Here To Help

If you need any other sympathy gift ideas for a grieving child, please feel free to contact us at Weathered Raindrop! We have several wind chimes, sun catchers and keepsake gifts available. Let us know if you need a question answered about personalization, customization options, and pricing. Little hearts need love, attention, and affection, especially when they are hurting. Let Weathered Raindrop help you weather the storm.

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