Supporting a Friend-A Forever Connection-With Unique ways to show you care

God calls us to dark places, but not to journey alone and not without purpose.  He calls for others to carry us out of those trenches.  Friendship that endures such a deep path leaves a permanent mark on ones soul.  There is a connection with these individuals that runs deep.  Our souls hold a deep history that most wouldn't recognize.  Except for the ones who have journeyed with us. Friends who unveil their deep empathy to support one another form a connection that carries far beyond which the hands can reach, there is an eternal bond.  Souls are imprinted with one another.  This is not the end.  
Pass the gift of courage and friendship to the next generation, show them, there is a certain amount of darkness needed to appreciate the comfort in the light. Be the voice to those who have endured trauma, those rendered voiceless, living their days in a systemic state of anguish. Share the gift of your comfort that gives satisfaction to a weary soul worn thin, the bond is eternal. 

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