How to Personalize a Wind Chime-What to Write on a Memorial Chime

Personalizing a Wind Chime Can be Difficult-Let us Help!

Things to keep in mind when personalizing a memorial wind chime...

  • If the gift is in memory of a child use names that the parents use to refer to their child instead of complete proper names (the obituary is the best place to find this information.) It is also not necessary to include dates of birth and death for children as this makes the chime more formal.
  • If the gift is in memory of a Mother or Father avoid using their proper names and stick with Mom, Mother, Dad or Father. Again using proper names takes away from the comfort these chimes are meant to bring.  
  • If the Gift is in Memory of a Grandparent you can add the proper name and underneath have Papa, Pawpaw, Memaw, ex. as well as dates if you'd like. 
  • If the gift is for a corporate business memorial area in memory of the employee using proper names and full dates or years is appropriate. 
  • What if its in memory of a Dad/Grandpa or Mom/Mother?  This can be signified by having the proper name on the top line followed by Dad/PawPaw or Mom/MeMaw on the second as well as the dates on the third line.
  • If the gift is in memory of several people the best way to personalize is by using commas.  Example-In Memory of Mom, Dad, Uncle Frank, Aunt Mary.  
  • Still not sure how to customize your personal wind chime?  No worries simply email us and we can give you suggestions. 


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