5 Reasons Memorial Wind Chimes Are Perfect Sympathy Gifts

By Rachel Fitzgerald

How Wind Chimes Can Help a Grieving Loved One

When someone you love and care about is experiencing a loss and processing their grief, it can be difficult to know how to be supportive. If you have it on your heart to express sympathy for that person in your life that you know could use a loving gesture, consider how sympathy wind chimes from Weathered Raindrop could be the perfect gift for them. We’d like to go over five short reasons that we believe wind chimes can be a comfort to someone you love who is grieving. If you have any questions about our selection or in what ways our wind chimes can be customized, please do not hesitate to contact us right away! We’d love to help you create the perfect sympathy gift for the people you care about. That said, here are five reasons wind chimes are great sympathy gifts.


It’s easy to run out to the grocery store or greeting card company to pick up a sympathy card for a person who is grieving, and while the sentiment may be appreciated, it can be a fleeting thing. Taking the time to be a little creative with your sympathy gift can have a much longer-lasting effect on the person you care about, and shows that you truly do care about their well-being. A wind chime is a tangible thing that can be prepared, presented, and thoughtfully displayed, and be an encouragement that builds on top of sympathetic words. Weathered Raindrop also offers you the ability to customize your selected wind chime, so that the recipient knows that you have considered them as individuals, and that you have taken the time and care into making them feel special and loved. 

Traditionally Meaningful

Different forms of wind chimes have existed in society for just about as long as people have roamed the earth. While the utility of wind chimes and their specific functions have differed from culture to culture, one thing has remained true throughout their history — wind chimes provide a sense of well-being. Bronze wind chimes have been used for over 3000 years in Chinese culture, and were used to bring about feelings of peace, harmony and well-being. The materials used in different varieties of wind chimes can also affect the feelings they help to provide; from bamboo, metal, woods, ceramic, and even glass, different materials can evoke different feelings in individuals. One material may provide an energetic sound, while another provides deep, rich tones that can be more introspective. Depending on the person who is being memorialized, different wind chime materials could be used. The fact that wind chimes have been used for thousands of years should be testament to their effectiveness at providing comfort.

A Sense of Peace

There is a power innate in sound and musical tones to affect the human mind and spirit.  Weathered Raindrop believes in the peaceful potential that is provided by our wind chimes, and we hope they could be a source of peace for a loved one who needs it.

Gentle Memorial

An overt reminder of a loved one’s loss may not be what they need, at least not in the long run. A sympathy wind chime, however, can be a gentle reminder of the friend, family member, or even pet that is no longer here. When a soft breeze comes and moves the chimes, it can act as a gentle reminder, and ideally, bring a smile to the face of the person or people that lost a loved one, even years after the fact. No one wants to forget the ones they’ve loved and lost, but neither do they necessarily want an obvious memento of the pain of that loss. The gentle nature of a wind chime could be a healthy balance in a gift that provides remembrance and healing at the same time. 

Variety of Options

No single person is the same, and in that same way, not every person needs the same wind chime. Weathered Raindrop provides an extensive variety of sympathy wind chimes, and each one is customizable and able to be personalized. Depending on the personality of the person or pet being remembered, or the disposition of the recipient of your wind chime gift, different styles or materials of chime may be appropriate. Here are just a few options that are available in our store:

  • Bamboo
  • Aluminum
  • Glass
  • Copper
  • And more

If you have any questions about the materials that we use, please feel free to contact us now, and we will provide you with an answer and description!

Weathered Raindrop — We’re Here For You

We understand the pain and loss that you or your loved one may be experiencing, and you’re looking for a sympathy gift that expresses love, comfort and affection. Please browse our selection of wind chimes and charms, and if you have any questions about our inventory or personalization options that are available, contact us right away, and we will assist you.

Things To Remember:

  1. Sympathy wind chimes are a thoughtful gift for a grieving loved one
  2. Wind chimes are deeply rooted in tradition
  3. Sympathy wind chimes are helpful in evoking feelings of peace and well-being
  4. The gift of a wind chime can serve as a gentle memorial of lost friend, family member, or pet.
  5. There are several varieties of wind chimes to choose from, and different ways to remember those who are gone but not forgotten, and will always be loved.



  • I have always had a special affinity for wind chimes, so I was pleasantly surprised when my husband‘s coworkers sent us a wind chime when his 93-year-old mother died. We have it hanging in the flower garden outside of our sunroom and when the breeze is blowing, The chimes are a reminder of a very special woman.

    Melody Upham
  • I have three with different tones and have gifted chimes as sympathy gifts for a few years and everyone loves them and they bring them peace not only when they lose their lives one but many years later ☮️🙏🏻

  • I’d never thought of a wind chime as a memorial. What a fantastic idea. Hope to start practicing this tradition in my own home. Thank you.

  • This was very soothing & helpful to me as I try to alleviate some of my family’s pain ! Thx u for this article!

    Wendy Burkhart

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