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This wind chime is by far one of the most unique and beautiful memorial items you will find. Offering an option from the ordinary metal chimes this rare find will be adored for years to come. Welcoming native birds this bamboo chime is constructed with a 5x6 bird house above the chimes.

Length- 32 inches
Circle Sealed Wooden tag- 1/4 thick, 4x4in
Reading the quote-Listen to the wind and know I am near. Sealed and Weather resistant.

The backside can be customized to read any phrase, names or dates up to 300 characters.

To a mourning heart the sound of music can create a sense of peace and relaxation. These beautiful chimes will be marked with a constant remembrance of a loved one. During the strongest of storms or the softest breeze. The picture simply can not do this piece justice, the sound truly is felt by the soul.

So many memorial gifts simply sit on a shelf and eventually are stored away. This items offers the recipient a tangible constant reminder of a loved one and will be enjoyed for years.

Coconut and bamboo are used to make these instruments of nature. In addition, each chime is hand-toned by musicians.

To hear the sound of this chime visit my Etsy profile page and there is a video available.

A silver one inch maple leaf charm can be personalized with a name or date up to 8 characters. Leave all personalization information in the message to seller area at checkout.

-If this is a gift going to the recipient please include the note you would like included in the package. Our products are not shipped with receipts for this purpose. We strive to give our customers a hassle free easy transaction, we know how precious these pieces are and the fragile hearts that they are being sent to. Thank you for helping to keep a loved ones memory alive or supporting someone on this journey through grief.
Weathered Raindrop