Because the Words are Hard to Find Memorial Wind Chime 26 inch Memorial Wind Chime Grieving Gift WindChime Custo

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Quick info-
Length- 26 inches
Color- silver, Bubinga finish wood, 5 silver aluminum tubes
Tone- Medium hand tuned 5

Non customized items only. The listen to the wind quote will still come on this chime.

-The "listen to the wind and know I am near" is standard on one side. (Comes with the chime) and is not considered customization.


**If you want just the chime and saying as seen in the pictures select-

=No customization.

**If you want the chime customized on the backside with a name/dates-

=select customize one side. This means one side will have your custom request and the other side will read "listen to the wind and know I am near"

Shipping directly to a recipient is a large part of our business. We never include invoices and our products are carefully wrapped for gift giving with the grieving family in mind. I want you to be proud of the memorial gift you give, therefore, my chimes are of the highest quality and carry a medium tone.