This memorial chime is gorgeous  

I love everything about it, perfect size, gorgeous crystals that shine so bright & a soft tune. Love how it was packed securely wrapped in colored paper placed in a burlap bag & into a beautiful purple box. Very happy with my purchase.” - Bee B

 Best Sympathy Gift 

 “This has become our go-to gift for funerals and remembering loved ones. It lasts longer than plants and flowers - and sounds beautiful when hung indoors or out. Everyone we have shared one with, has fallen in love.” - Mary S

 Amazing Commemorative Gift Of a Loved One 

“The Craftsmanship is beautiful on these windchimes. Our father passed away so I purchased six of them as gifts for my sisters and brothers. I added a commemorative detail on the back as a remembrance to dad. I could not believe that they were completed and shipped out in two days. It brought tears to the eyes of my family. Thank you so much.” - Jennifer T

 Lovely Sound 

“Sent this to my sis in law when my brother passed. She loved it. Said it has a beautiful sound. Extra things were sent that she appreciated too.” - Sue B 

 Absolutely Beautiful

“I am in awe of how beautiful this actually is. The quality is fantastic and the way it was wrapped and shipped was absolutely beautiful. Far exceeded my expectations.”  Anonymous

 A Comforting Gift & Way To Keep Our Loved Ones Near

“My son recently lost his grandfather and this was a perfect way to memorialize his spirit and remind everyone that he's always near. I couldn't have been more pleased with it. It was beautiful.” 

Absolutely Perfect 

“This is a beautiful wind chime! I loved that it could be personalized which made the gift so very special. The shipping was amazingly fast! It came beautifully wrapped, ready to give. The quality of the materials is terrific and the chimes have a low soothing sound, not clangy. I would highly recommend this item.”


“I bought this as a gift for my friend whose grandmother passed away. She loved it and it sounds absolutely beautiful. Great product, I highly recommend!”

It’s Beautiful

“I chose this wind chime as a gift to my mother who just lost both of her sons (my brothers). I had it sent straight to her house so I have not been able to see it, but she called me crying saying she loved it and just how meaningful this was. She says the quality is great and it makes a beautiful chime sound. I can't wait until I get to see for myself. I would recommend this product!”

  Thank you for your quick turnaround

 “It's never easy to figure out what to do after a death, especially during a global pandemic and travel issues surrounding the holiday season . I wanted something to commemorate the passing away of a loved one; we were heartbroken because we couldn't make it to the funeral. Thank you for managing to get this gift to my relatives so quickly. The wind chimes were absolutely lovely; they have a great melody to them, and my in-laws were very appreciative and touched by the inscription. To anyone looking for a significant way to mark the death of a loved one, I highly recommend these wind chimes.”

Absolutely gorgeous customized chimes!

“I bought these wonderful chimes for my mom, in memory of her mom who passed away recently. I wanted to get something special and these came out so beautiful with the customization. Between the colors, customization and the quality of the product, I’m extremely satisfied with this purchase. I love how they put a handwritten note with the message I wrote to my mom and they also included a beautiful poem on a magnet. That was so thoughtful. It meant so much to my mom. She cannot wait to hang up her chimes! I will definitely buy more chimes from this company!” 

Beautiful Sound and beautiful chimes

“I purchased two of these, one for my brother and SIL, and a set for myself. We lost both of our parents, our amazing loving Mom died in her sleep in Aug 2019 unexpectedly, and our wonderful loving Dad passed of a broken heart Dec. 2019 without warning. It's been awful~ the emptiness that was created has broken us all. When I saw these chimes I knew that we needed them and I couldn't be happier. The sound is just beautiful and every time I hear them I know that my parents are sending us their love in the soft breeze from Heaven. These are a special gift to give and to receive.”


“These wind chimes came beautifully wrapped in a burlap gift bag. The tissue was covered with birds. The craftsmanship was beautiful. The engraving I added was perfect. The sound is delightful. Along with the chimes came a magnetized beautiful poem for the fridge. Truly stunning.”

Looks Beautiful, Sounds Beautiful

“These wind chimes are very lovely to look at and have an unusually beautiful sound. The customer service from this shop is wonderful, I needed them for a memorial on short notice and they shipped them immediately. The person I gave them to absolutely loved them.”

Absolutely Beautiful Gift

“I purchased these for my sister-in-law who lost her Dad. I was searching for the perfect memorial gift for her when I came across these on Amazon so I ordered them. When I received them they were beautifully packaged which makes for great presentation. I opened them and they were even more gorgeous then they were pictured on the website. The copper maple leaf contrasts the dark wood so nicely. I LOVE that these are made in the USA. These windchimes are definitely worth the price as they are great quality. I would highly recommend these. They make an extremely nice gift for someone who has lost a loved one.”


“This wind chime is well made and well worth the money spent on it. I love the subtlety of the deep tones mixed with the light high tones. It looks beautiful and is a wonderful way to memorialize those who have passed. I will definitely purchase this item and/or similar items in the future.”

Perfect Gift

“Couldn't have had a better experience! Sent this to a friend who lost a got there even quicker than I expected and everything was packaged beautifully. She was very touched by the whole thing and I was extremely satisfied with the whole thing from top to bottom. Highly recommend this seller!”

Beautiful Memorial

“I absolutely loved this wind chime, when I first saw it. For weeks, I was contemplating getting it, for my daughter but wasn't sure, how she would react. My grandson was stillborn 9/3/17 and I wanted something, SPECIAL!!! I'm so happy that I purchased this and my daughter ABSOLUTELY loves it!!!!”

Highly recommend

“I am sometimes nervous about buying a gift like this on the internet, but I was not disappointed. The chimes seem to be well made and I was impressed how quickly it was delivered given the personalization.”

Friend Loved It

“Gave to friend instead of flowers when her brother passed….she was overjoyed with the wind chimes!! I personally didn’t get to see them because she opened them after I left, but she called me later and told me how much she loved them, not once but twice!! Two days in a row!! I was thankful!”

Love This

“​​I received this beautiful wind chime from an anonymous sender. I absolutely love wind chimes and this particular one brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart. Thank you to whomever was so kind. I cannot wait until spring to hang it outside. For now, the gorgeous chime rings with each opening of our corner cabinet. We love it!!!”

Great memorial gift

“Gave this as gift for a friend who recently had a miscarriage. She loved it. Such a good thoughtful gift to give someone for the loss of a loved one.”


“Amazing quality and beautifully made. It made a very amazing and emotional gift. Definitely recommend.”

Abby on Jan 9, 2022

“Absolutely beautiful! From the packaging to the product, I could not have asked for anything more perfect. It shipped and arrived fast, as well. I know it brought comfort to my loved one during a difficult time.

- Lauren on Jan 8, 2022

“We received a set of these wind chimes as a gift when my brother-in-law passed away in November. We loved them so much we ordered 2 more for family! Extremely pleased with the quality and beauty of these wind chimes. They shipped very quickly. They bring us such joy when we hear them and remember our loved ones. A priceless gift.”

- lscrain1 on Jan 7, 2022

“I have purchased several wind chimes from this shop! Each one has been beautiful and a perfect way to remember a loved one that has passed. Packages are beautifully wrapped and shipping is fast! I would highly recommend this shop.

- Amy Bauman Dec 28, 2021

“I bought this for a coworker in honor of her Father who passed away suddenly 3 years ago. She was having a very hard time over the Holidays and although I didn't know her Father and I didn't know my coworker when he passed, I felt compelled to gift her with something that she could see or hear and know that he is with her always. This was absolutely beautiful and just perfect. It arrived very quickly and was exactly what I wanted.

- Jessica Castaneda Jan 3, 2022

“I received this for a Christmas present. It came packaged well and with great care. I hung it on Christmas Day. It matched the description perfectly and exceeded my expectations. I would buy this item again for someone else.

- Sharon Dec 26, 2021

“There’s a reason this is my second time buying one of these! They are so nicely made, the gift box is adorable, and best of all, both people I have gifted it to said it helps give them peace at a time of unrest. Thank you SO MUCH, Weathered Raindrop!

- Sheryl on Jan 7, 2022

“I think these wind chimes are the best grief/memorial gift out there. The sentiment is beautiful and they're well-made and well-packaged. Customer service is top notch. Delivery is quick. Can't recommend enough.

- thejunkyardqueen Oct 22, 2021

“Great little wind chime for my son and daughter to brighten up the yard with tinkling reminders of my grandson. The loss of a child sometimes is unbearable, no matter how many years pass. Just a few simple words on the back of this droplet can make a big difference to a grieving parent. Beautiful.

- Belinda May 25, 2021

“These wind chimes are beautiful and are the perfect size. The item matched the description and exceeded my expectations. The seller was responsive and ensured that the engraving looked exactly as I wanted. I highly recommend purchasing from the Weathered Raindrop.

- Kristen on Jan 4, 2022

“This item was bigger than I expected; it was a very pleasant surprise. The message spoke to me as they were words sung at my mother’s funeral. My mom loved being outside and now, when I sit outside, a piece of her sits with me.

- paultonya06 Apr 27, 2021

“This was absolutely beautiful. I gave this to my aunt for Christmas and she cried when she opened it and saw my grandmother's writing on the back. It was packaged beautifully as well and arrived quickly even with holiday shipping. Such a nice gift for those missing a loved one.

- Kara on Jan 3, 2022

“Absolutely perfect in every way. I will be ordering these any time I need to send something to a grieving friend. Customer service was excellent and the item itself is beautiful. Our friends sent us a video of the wind chime to tell us just how much it meant to them. It looked even better than in the photos and sounded so pretty.

- Amanda on Jan 3, 2022

“My aunt called me in tears after receiving these beautiful chimes - it’s a perfect memorial. So beautifully crafted and personally engraved. It meant so much to her and brought such comfort. Thank you!!!!

- helechild Dec 22, 2020

“I am so happy with my windchime! The personalized message was exactly what I wanted and the sound the chime makes is angelic. Thank you!

- jmbeserra14 Jun 25, 2020

“I got a phone call today from my cousin - this was sent to her in memory of her daughter who had just passed... She was in tears. She said she had never seen anything so beautiful, and beautifully wrapped too, along with the paper flower seeds (that were being planted immediately!). She was extremely touched!! So - thank you for helping give her something that will forever remind her of her only child that she lost too soon to cancer. Xoxo

- Liz Jun 23, 2020

“Beautiful! Bought to honor my daughter Ellie who was stillborn in 2019. Now when it is windy the beautiful chimes remind me of her in heaven. It completes our outdoor space. Great quality and fast shipping.

- Stephanie DeArmond Apr 11, 2021

“These chimes were something I decided to gift to my sister after she suffered two losses and was having a time of struggling emotionally. I wanted something that was beautiful where when she heard them she would think of them. I wanted something she could also take with her if she ever moved. Well she received these in the mail today and had this to say..... “I have no words right now😭 just got the wind chimes in the mail you gifted me and I absolutely bawled❤️ Those are so incredibly special and beautiful the sound is beautiful and the butterflies❤️ Thankyou so much Amanda you truly have no idea how special this is to me!❤️❤️❤️😭😭😭

- Amanda James Jan 13, 2021

“I am beyond satisfied with my purchase, the chimes were absolutely beautiful. I gave them to my best friend's family and they absolutely loved them. This was such a special way to honor her. I am so grateful. Thank you 💕

- hannahbanana365 Dec 26, 2019

“This was a gift, so I never saw it but the recipient loved it. Seller was amazing with customer service, the gift got there so quickly, even with personalization it was there like 2 days after I ordered it, DURING Christmas craziness! So appreciated, especially when dealing with grief, seller made everything a little easier. After ordering I read the story BEHIND weatheredraindrop and was so touched…I am also a loss mom, and this gift was to a couple who just lost their son. Thank you for this service you provide, during the hardest times you provide a beacon of hope, through your product, your service, and your shared story.

- Heather on Dec 29, 2021

“I purchased these chimes for a very dear friend who recently lost her husband. I always love these chimes from weathered raindrop each chime has a bit of their heart in its product because she has experienced a loss, she knows the sounds of heaven

🌟🌟 I just received a note from my friend who I sent this set of chimes to, she truly loved them.I use to send a living tree until I found out they really don’t last long. So I started looking for something new. I came across the story of weathered raindrop I knew then this is it.
This was about the 5th one I purchased, each set has a little of their hearts in each set.
I THANK YOU weathered raindrop

- judith on Dec 29, 2021