Heaven Memorial Wind Chime Top Selling Double Sided Custom Memorial Wind Chime Gift After Loss Wind Chime Loved One In Memory of windchime Copper

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This listing is for the copper 26 inch wind chime with 3 inch circle reading- On Earth We Loved You Dearly, In Heaven We Love You Still.

I promise you'll be satisfied with this purchase. No need to worry that these chimes will sound "tangy or clangy" all of the chimes in my shop carry a very comforting med/deep tone because the chimes themselves are made of high quality material unlike many others.

Color- Copper, Bubinga finish wood, 5 copper aluminum tubes
Tone- Medium hand tuned 5
Turquoise patina ornate connector is included.

Offering a sense of peace and relaxation. These beautiful chimes will be marked with a constant remembrance of a loved one. During the strongest of storms or the softest breeze.

If you would like the backside customized with names/dates up to 100 characters please leave this information at checkout.  A note from you can also be added to the packaging.