Memorial Wind Chime Actual Signature Gift After Loss Wind Chime Loved One In Memory of Baby or Adult

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Quick info-
Length- 28 inches
Color- Copper, Bubinga finish wood, 5 copper aluminum tubes
Tone- Medium hand tuned 5

Shipping directly to a recipient is a large part of our business. We never include invoices and our products are carefully wrapped for gift giving with the grieving family in mind.  A note from you can be added and placed in the package.  Please leave any customization information as well as a note if needed at checkout.

I want you to be proud of the memorial gift you give, therefore, my chimes are of the highest quality. There is no need to worry that they will sound "cheap or clangy" my chimes carry a medium/deep tone to provide the grieving family with a sense of peace and comfort.

A name/dates can be added to the backside of the wind sail or a handwritten signature from a loved one can be added under the listen to the wind...phrase or on the backside. Options given at checkout. Please send the picture of the handwriting you would like added in a message. A white background is preferred. Questions? Just send me a note.

Turquoise patina ornate connector is included on this copper chime.

To a mourning heart the sound of music can create a sense of peace and relaxation. These beautiful chimes will be marked with a constant remembrance of a loved one. During the strongest of storms or the softest breeze.

So many gifts simply sit on a shelf and eventually are stored away. This very unique handcrafted piece offers the recipient a tangible constant reminder of the care your heart holds for them and a beautiful conversation piece that will be enjoyed for years. Measuring 26 inches from the top of the hanging cord to the end of the sail. Chimes measure 10-13 inches long.