The Good Mourning Mother-Introduction

The Good Mourning Mother-Introduction
The death of a child is the ultimate fear for every parent, a trauma described as too awfulΒ to contemplate. On May 13, 2011 our full term daughter had her umbilical cord around her neck 5 times and died.Β  18 months later my husband accidently backed over our 4 year old son in our driveway, he died. I have shaken my fist in the air and yelled out at God for making my family go through this, twice.Β  I have hated this journey and at the same time so many blessings have come through it. My grieving has not always been graceful, my husband and I have had to see each other at our very worst, for a long time. At times, I have felt relationships between family and friends, nearly impossible to continue.Β  In the middle of this grief we adopted a daughter and had as set of twins, I also retired as an ER nurse and founded a Memorial Company-Weathered Raindrop. This is my story.

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